Dear advertisers!

Placement of advertisements on the territory of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” gives you huge benefits:

  • Exclusiveness – as there has never been any equal advertising media in Belarus. A new object will never be left with any attention.
  • Magnitude - as our advertising space attracts everybody’s attention and makes visitors eyes fasten on it. That’s why your advertisement will be automatically noticed and remembered.
  • Positive associations and perception – commercial breaks on TV or radio are often introduced after negative news which affects audience perception of information giving in ads. One can pay for advertising during prime-time which equals, as a rule, to morning or evening programs when most of the viewers come home from work and switch on their TV-sets as a “background” or drive their car and listen to radio stations not accepting or even turning over commercial breaks. People visit an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” with the aim to have a rest, they have positive emotions and advertisements do not bother them or make them want to “turn over the channel”.

There should be noted a vast number of contacts from targeted audience with your advertisement placed in an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy”. One-time capacity of the water zone in summer: 1537 people; in winter: 1067 people.

An amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” has its own corporate TV and radio with an unique information content and replenishment. There are a lot of wide screens placed in popular areas (reception, booking offices, bars, “SPA territory”, lobby, hotel) while there is an interactive multimedia screen placed in water area.

We offer the following:

  • Placement of information in commercial areas of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” (vide/audio promo, branding, fly-sheets, prospects, leaflets, calendars and others);
  • Placement of information relating commercial partner, press-release, commercial ban on the web-site of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy”;
  • Mutual PR-programs of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” and your company (radio and TV-programs, press-releases, press-conferences and other)/ Organizing of mutual seminars and trainings. Inclusion a speaker from commercial partner in the program of PR-event.
  • Awarding an exclusive right on the position of general/official/commercial (funder) partner of any event, placement of information relating a partner (funder) in press-releases for mass-media.
  • Inclusion of logos of commercial partner in the Water park’s leaflets, posters, calendars and other polygraphic promo-production.

The terms of commercial partnership shall be discussed individually. The department of information, entertainment and special projects of Municipal cultural and sport unitary enterprise “Aqua-Minsk” will also discuss offers of media-partnership in frames of conferences, meetings, exhibitions and other official events.

General information:

  • “Water park “Lebyazhy” is the biggest entertainment complex in Belarus;
  • This is the first real water park in Minsk;
  • One of the biggest water park in CIS-countries and the fifth in Europe by size;
  • A sightseeing of the Republic of Belarus;


An amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” is situated in a prestige ecologically-friendly Minsk district near the road junction  “Minsk Ring Road” and one of the main traffic line  - Pobediteley Avenue;
The territory of the Water park is located on the bank of water storage “Drozdy” being a part of Vileyka-Minsk water system;

There is a biological reserved forest “Lebyazhy” situated within the city, which is the only one in Belarus, placed near this amusement complex.

The territory of an amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” is occupied square of 38 hectares including the following:

Multifunctional building – five-stored entertainment complex with the square 32,135 sq.meters. A simultaneous carrying capacity of multilevel complex in summer makes up to 2,214 people;

Summer open water campus for children with pools and attractions on the territory of open water area;

Landscape park with the pond, bicycle tracks and sport ground (eco-zone);

Comfortable strand with pier;

Hotel complex;

Special offer:

Another advertising offer for the Client is branding of standers with rules of conduct in the water. This may be either partial stander branding or full branding of one side - the choice is up to the Client. Besides the abovementioned advertising opportunities we can place any banners and organize any promotional events.

Additional options for advertising at the Water park:

  • Branding of the swimming pool bottom;
  • Banner advertising on slides and the water park territory;
  • Flags on the summer houses;
  • Placing advertising materials in the infrastructure;
  • Conduct of various promotional events;
  • Organization of commercial photo and video-shooting (photo session for editions, shootings of movie and musical video, etc.).

At the department of information, entertainment and special projects you can always get on-line necessary information, official comments, specify the terms of implementation of photo and video shooting as well as discuss the possibility to place your advertisement on the territory of the Water park and web-site: