Waterpark symbol

Waterpark symbol

An amusement complex “Water park “Lebyazhy” has is own symbol! This is an unusual creature.

This is an ancient creature, which has appeared on the earth in times of relict forests and lakes. It has absorbed the energy of forest, winds, lakes and sun. It was born by four elements: Flame, Water, Earth and Air. The element of Fire has inhaled an internal life in it and awarded it with nice appearance. The element of Air taught him how to fly, the element of Earth gave him the talent of communication with Nature, to understand the language of birds and animals and the element of Water taught him how to swim and rule the waves. This creature holds the magic of flame and can rule the weather: make it sunny and warm and vice versa – turn a sunny day into rainy one, make it snowing or melting instead. It also holds the magic of water. Thus he can make a fountain falls from the ground, big and small waves splashing. He can also apply the magic of earth making flowers flavoring, birds singing beautifully for everyone surrounding, forest rushing.

This creature rules the flows of positive energy. That is why every man who has ever seen or touched him would have had luck. It can make your wishes come true but only good ones. One can ask him to cheer him up, reduce fatigue and bad mood.

As this creature live at this place for a long time it is growing with the nature and world, too. Now he has a modern look and likes to swim with all the people, have fun and participate in celebrations. He is friendly, active, and outstanding as well as keeps wisdom meanwhile, having an idea of how the world works. He serves to keep the rules of nature and energy turnover.

It can change color depending on the mood. It is wholly consists of energy. He likes the following colors: green (the symbol of nature), blue (the symbol of water), orange (the symbol of the sun and joy). He can fly and live under the water.